It is your right to ask a taxi driver for a trip receipt. If you lost something or a crook driver cheat you , you could find your things back and crook could go to jail , if you complain to the proper taxi agency.

Taxi fare in any city in the world no more a mystery . Advance technology: GPS and GooGle maps has helped us to solve this mystery.

Taxi Fare Estimation is Possible

Dallas taxi Fare Rules:
$2.00 each additional passenger.
Flat Rate: DFW Airport to/from
1.Central business District $43.00
2.Dallas Market Center Area $32.00
Love Field Airport to/from
1. Central Bussiness District $18.00
2.Dallas Market Center Area $15.00. more Information

Taxifare is expensive and costly. Without proper budget all the fun could be gone. Do your Math first before taking a taxi. Our estimation could give you some comfort.

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