It is your right in Dallas to ask a taxi driver for a trip receipt. If you lost something or a crook driver cheat you , you could find your things back and crook could go to jail , if you complain to the Dallas taxi agency.

Taxi fare in any city in the world no more a mystery . Advance technology: GPS and GooGle maps has helped us to solve this mystery.


Few days ago making an accurate travel budget was very hard. Everything from air fare to hotel fare could be find out advance but taxi fare was impossible. Without reaching a destination nobody knew what would be that trip cost. Taxi fare stay always in mystery. Crook taxi driver always tries to cheat their passenger. Unwanted taxi fare sometimes ruined travel fun. Our fare estimator work according to city and countries rule based on google maps. It could be 95% accurate.

Dallas Taxifare is expensive and costly. Without proper budget all the fun could be gone. Do your Math first before taking a taxi. Our estimation could give you some comfort.

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