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Estimate Taxi Cab Fare for Paris City.

Fare in regular traffic M-F 6am-8pm Esimate Paris Taxi Fare
Paris Taxi Tips: Paris Taxi Fare is costly. Do your Math first before taking a Paris taxi.

Paris Taxi rules ***

if havey traffic,night or weekend please add €1.00 or €2.00 extra. Minimum fare € 2.20

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N.B: All Paris Taxi Fares are Estimated and Tolls need to be added if there is any. Original Taxi fare may be more or less, depends on traffic and time of travel. For better information Paris
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Estimate Taxi fare, Meter Taxi, Medallion Taxi cab fare for Paris, France.
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Paris Taxi Fare Estimator: Calculate Paris Taxi fare, Meter taxi, Medallion taxi Cab fare for Paris city.